Strain Spotlight: 707 Headband

Here at Cannazine we seek to inform, and this blog is a great way to share a little insight and information about the world of weed—we are proud to use it as a means to spread valuable information. But we also like to have some fun, and in that spirit, I’ll be doing the first in a series of strain spotlights. Today’s choice is a dandy, so pick your implement of choice and get ready to get nice with a California classic: 707 Headband. 

707 Headband,  photo courtesy of NBF

707 Headband, photo courtesy of NBF

Strain Origins

There’s a little mystery as to the exact origins of the original, and, depending who you ask, there are a couple of different parentages considered to be authentic. However, this much we know: the strain first took root in Humboldt County, and the OG Kush influence is undeniable. 707 Headband is a real hybrid lover’s dream, and a time-tested favorite of horticulturists in the Humboldt hills.

OG Kush

OG Kush

The Flowers

This strain is a big yielder, and the flowers are uniformly dense and compact. The buds have a strong odor of pine, as one would expect with a strong dose of OG Kush genetics, but its notes are quite nuanced, and a layer of that well-familiar Sour Diesel pungency is also easily detectable. 

The Buzz

Put simply, it’s exactly what most of us want from hybrids. It’s an indica-dominant strain that feels more like a sativa early on, then settles into a very relaxing body high—it’s really nice. Maybe best described as a buzz that starts in your head and settles down easily into the rest of you over time, it’s fun and creative with no couch lock, but also useful for folks who look to the herb for relief from anxiety or pain.

If you haven’t tried 707 Headband, you’re missing a real treat. Get down to your local shop and tell em Cannazine sent ya.